We offer several programs, not all of which are martially related. Health, longevity, and overall wellness are the main focus of our programs. Please inquire with us if you are wanting a program with your group. We can also tailor a program to suit your needs.

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Shaolin Kung FU

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu is a rigorous class involving physical fitness, agility, various forms of training, and progression in a set curriculum.

tai chi

Slow gentle movements, along with meditation, and martial arts combine to create this expressive art form.



Whether its in class or at a seminar, we offer a full range of self-defense classes. We cover real life situations to prepare the mind and body. We teach that many situations can be prevented before they even start.


Private Lessons

Lessons are tailored to suit the needs of the individual or small group.


Calmness, clarity, insight, increased health, awareness, connection to source… meditation is one of the most important practices.

$70 Shaolin Kung Fu or tai chi classes monthly

or $85 for both classes (limited time offer)

$140 for two people in the same household for Kung Fu OR Tai Chi

$170 for two people in the same household for Kung Fu AND Tai Chi

$195 for three people in the same household for Kung Fu AND/OR Tai Chi ($50 for each additional)