Self-Defense for Real Estate Agents

All programs are taught by certified instructors in an enjoyable format.  Any portion of the program may be altered to suit the needs of the group. Times may be combined together or lengthened. The program may include additional material or use only a portion of what is offered below.  Each group is unique and we want to meet those unique needs appropriately.

The format below is designed to teach self-defense along with firearm training. This curriculum offers the opportunity to train in real world scenarios and may lead to acquiring a personal carry permit if desired.

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1st Level Program

Class One (Approximately 1 hour):

Safety Precautions – Increase awareness to prevent and avoid harmful situations.

Empty Hand Self-defense Techniques – practicing techniques in controlled simulation exercises.

Class Two (Approximately 1 hour):

Review previous material.

Weapon Self-Defense – includes defense against common weapons such as knives and common objects.

Class Three (Approximately 1 hour): This portion is done without using live firearms.

Firearm safety – safe handling and operation of firearms.

Selection/fit – Understanding what firearm fits a given individual and fitting to one of the major firearm types.

Drawing and firing.

Class Four (Varies in length according to the understandings of the practitioners and size of group)

Shooting – experience in handling and discharging firearms.

2nd and 3rd Level Programs

Advanced material is taught and more training experience is given.  Times vary according to the needs of the group.  Generally the material is taught in one to two hour sessions.

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