A Brief History of the Famous Physician Huà Tuó 华陀

Huà Tuó (AD 141-208) is known as a famous physician. Any Chinese acupuncturist knows of Huà Tuó and his medical discoveries. In fact there is an associated-shu point named after him M-BW-35 “Huà Tuó ’s Para-vertebral Points”. He was the most prominent physician during the Three Kingdoms Period. In fact he treated last emperor of […]

Thirteen Shaolin Monks Rescue the Tang Emperor

architectural photography of brown house

In ancient China, during the Tang Dynasty, the country faced a great threat from rebels who sought to overthrow the emperor. The rebels, led by a formidable warlord, had managed to capture the Tang Emperor and hold him hostage in their stronghold. The situation seemed dire, and the emperor’s life was in grave danger. Word […]

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