All of the categories below are not based upon one day’s performance. This will be viewed daily and taken as an average.

Stances – Stances should be performed to the best of the student’s ability unless otherwise noted.
Power – Power is generated when proper technique has been executed.
Flexibility – Flexibility is needed to perform the Shaolin material.
Material Known – This includes knowing proper technique, application, and theory.
Sparring – Abilities are judged according to precision, control, power, technique, and use of forms.
Class Experience – This is a judgment according to how often the student is in the classroom.
Overall Performance – Instructor’s discretion will be used to make an assessment.
Attitude – The student should carry a positive attitude towards learning, exercising, and bettering themselves in all areas.

Criteria in order: 1) The above criteria met. 2) Pre-Test of material. 3) Test on material and application. Sashes and certificates will be awarded at this time.

*All fees must be paid in order to be eligible for testing. This includes, but is not limited to class fees and testing fees. Test Fees are as follows: $30 Sash Rank, $75 Black Sash, $100 Each Rank in Black.

White Sash:
Short Form 1-10
Sparing Techniques 1-10

1st Yellow:
Short Form 11-15
四门倒连 Sì Mén Dǎo Lián Four Doors Collapse Continuously
飞虎出洞 Fēi Hǔ Chū Dòng Flying Tiger Comes Out of Cave

2nd Yellow:
Short Form 16-22
Sparring Techniques 11-15
太鹏伸翅 Tài Péng Shēn Chì Roc Stretches Its Wings
燕子落天刀 Yàn Zi Luò Tiān Dāo Swallow Descends from Heaven Knife

1st Orange:
虎拳: 三仗基拳 Hǔ Quán: Sān Zhàng Quán Tiger Fist: 3 Battles Fist

2nd Orange:
Short Form 23-30
Sparring Techniques 16-20
白鹤展翅 Bái Hè Zhǎn Chì White Crane Unfolds Its Wings

1st Blue:
罗汉拳 Lúo Hàn Quán Lo Han Fist

2nd Blue:
北方乞丐棒 Běi Fāng Qǐ Gài Bàng Stick of the Northern Beggar

1st Green:
白鹤转翅 Bái Hè Zhuàn Chì White Crane Circles Its Wings

白鹤转脚 Bái Hè Zhuàn Jiǎo White Crane Circles the Kick (Leg)

2nd Green:
铁叉拳 Tiě Chā Quán Iron Prong Fist (Sai)

三合拳 Sān Hé Quán 3 Harmonies Fist

1st Purple:
少林鸟落天 Shào Lín Niǎo Luò Tiān Shaolin Bird Falls from Heaven

2nd Purple:
海龙杖 Hǎi Lóng Zhàng Sea Dragon Cane

1st Brown:
金鋼伏虎拳 Jīn Gāng Fú Hǔ Quán Vajra Subdues the Tiger

2nd Brown:
接拳 Jiē Quán Connecting Fist

To Black: This form may be taught at any level above 1st Green

夜战八方刀 Yè Zhàn Bā Fāng Dāo Night Battle 8 Directions Broadsword

Optional Material Taught from White to Black Sash

初级棍术 Chū Jí Gùn Shù First Level Staff Techniques

一步对打 Yī Bù Dòu Dǎ One Step Pair Fight

一步法术 Yī Bù Fǎ Shù One Step Method Techniques

十八打罗汉对打 Shí Bā Dǎ Lúo Hàn Duì Dǎ 18 Strikes of the Lo Han Pair Fighting

擒拿 Qín Ná Capture and Seize (Self-Defense Techniques)

双节棍法 Shuāng Jié Gùn Fǎ Double Section Staff Techniques (Nunchaku)

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