Traditional Shaolin was established January of 2002.

We welcome students from all disciplines. We have had several guests come by to see what Shaolin is and how it is different from other systems of martial arts. Our philosophy is... no system of martial arts is greater than another. It’s the practitioner who makes the art great. However, there are some systems of martial arts that are more suited to fit a person’s body type and personality. Here at Traditional Shaolin (Chinese Martial Arts Center) we offer many systems of martial arts all within the Shaolin system. Various techniques and theories within one curriculum offers you the ability to find the one that suits you best.


Owner and Head Instructor 5th Degree Master Daniel Mattson

I was introduced to Shaolin Kung Fu at the age of about 8. After experiencing several styles of martial arts I found myself being drawn back to Shaolin Kung Fu. At the age of 17 I began full time training with some great teachers and masters of the art. Each teacher, with their own unique outlook on martial arts, instilled an expansive variety of skill sets.

A true master produces other masters
— A Taoist teaching

Today I practice meditation and the healing arts as a way of life. My ideal is to help others help themselves. I try to get people to learn how to better their lives with what they already know. Then we simply add to that to make it even more of a success!