School Policies & Courtesies

  • Payments are due by the 1st of each month. Payments submitted after the 5th is subject to a $10 late fee.

  • Uniforms must be purchased from the school. Full uniform with sash must be worn at all times unless otherwise stated. Please keep the uniforms neat and clean.

  • The instructor of the school should be addressed as Master Daniel or Sifu Daniel.

  • Listen to instructions carefully and pay attention to the postures being demonstrated. Proper technique will prevent injury. When an instructor gives an instruction please do it as soon as possible without procrastination. Only ask questions when appropriate.

  • Bow before and after speaking to a black sash. Bow before entering/leaving the school, stepping on/off the mat, when asking questions, before forms, and before/after sparring. Wait until after the instructor and black sash members stand before getting up from the opening/closing bow.

  • Keep the school clean by picking up after yourself and not leaving anything. Keep all bags, shoes, and supplies neatly placed in designated areas. Any damage to the school is the responsibility of the student and/or parent.

  • If you know you are going to be late for a legitimate reason then you please call 30 minutes prior to the class time. Check the website for school closings, announcements, and events.

  • Show control and respect when sparring. Never practice on ANYONE unless authorized by the instructor. Never attack the joints or use open handed techniques towards the throat and eyes. Higher level students should spar slightly above the level of the lower ranking student. Tempers, poor attitudes, egos, trash talk, or heavy contact will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or removal from school. If inappropriate conduct or heavy contact occurs when sparring, never retaliate back. Remember, accidents can happen.

  • Students should always be on time for class and must ask instructors permission before entering class if late, and before leaving early. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children. Please arrive on time and promptly pick up your children after classes are over. Instructors are not responsible for children after class.

  • “Coaching” from the side is not necessary as the teacher will give instruction as it is needed. Parents and non-class members should remain quietly on the side while waiting or observing class to avoid distracting students in class.

  • Students are encouraged to have a positive attitude in class. If negative attitudes become disturbing to others in class then the student will be asked to leave for the day. Obscene gestures and language will not be tolerated. Please silence your cell phones, unless you are expecting an important call.

  • Only take a break when the instructor designates it and hurry back. Do not take a break unless you have received permission from the instructor.

  • Do NOT teach anything that you have learned in class to others. This is considered to be very disrespectful in the martial arts culture. Bring the person to the teacher for the instruction.

  • All weapons should be handled with care at all times. When you have completed use of that weapon it should be placed in the designated area. Use only your own weapons unless you have permission from the owner of that weapon.

  • All orders, seminar fees, and activity fees must be paid in advance unless otherwise stated.

  • Please give notice by email or phone if you will not be attending classes for a period of one week or more. If you are attending for at least one class per week then there is no need for a notice.

  • Proper disciplinary action will be taken on anyone who violates any school policy. These rules apply to members, members’ guests, family, and all who are on school premises. Traditional Shaolin (Chinese Martial Arts Center) reserves the right to refuse service or entry to anyone at any time.

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