Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu is a martial art developed in the Honan Province of Northern China around 600 AD (many historians suggest before). Buddhist Monks developed the martial art as a means of self-defense and as a discipline of the mind and body. Centuries of practice and application have formed a system unparalleled in combat as well as mental and physical development. In Shaolin are series of movements called “forms” to develop agility, endurance, and various fighting techniques. The animal forms are based on the observation of the movements and behaviors of animals such as the Tiger, Monkey, Crane, and Praying Mantis. Traditional weapons are also taught as part of the martial arts training. Spear, Broadsword, Straight Sword, and Staff are just a few of the weapons used in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu Man and Woman Fighting with Chinese Weapons

If you are goal oriented then this class is for you. We offer a wide variety of material in the curriculum. The student is required to learn and maintain the material taught in order to advance. There are three levels of training: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each progressive level has in depth training associated with it. Once a student reaches the advanced level he/she is encouraged to choose a mastery system. You will need to go through an introductory class before joining this curriculum based class.

More than just punching and kicking… Conditioning the body is a large part of our curriculum at Traditional Shaolin LLC. Our classes are designed to help you reach your maximum potential for physical fitness. Proper training increases not only strength and power, but also prevents injuries. Proper diet helps to insure training development. We cover Taoist nutrition, Chinese natural food cures, and other natural systems to complete your path to total wellness.

We place emphasis on using the material that is taught in our curriculum. This means that every piece of material taught has fighting application that can be used in practical fighting and/or sparring. Sparring consists of controlled fighting. We practice several different types of sparring methods such as one on one, multiple attackers, weapon sparring, ground fighting, grappling, etc.

Adults and children ages 8 and up are combined together.

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